Indemnity Bond Format for Bank of Baroda

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Affidavit Letter of Compensation With respect to payment of the balance on the deceased`s current accounts/record contents/custodial items;. (Stamp with tax payable on Affidavit & Indemnity Bond). I/We Mr/Ms/Miss (name/names of applicants), (n/a, w/o, d/o), old, address, confirms and solemnly declares the following. 1. I/We are/are the legal heirs of Mr/Mrs/Miss _____(name of the deceased account holder) and the deceased is mine(father/mother/wife/husband/son/daughter, etc.). 2. I/We further declare that I/We, the following legal heirs, are the only legal heirs authorized to demand the balance/amount/jewelry/ornaments and other valuables that have kept the contents in the locker/safe: – No. Javanika -zsc/07-08 ANNEX – I F.NO. : 135 Bankof Baroda 100 Years Photos Of The Bank with Passion (Headquarters: Mandvi, Baroda) INFORMATION TO BE PROVIDED BY THE APPLICANT / GUARANTOR OF ADVANCES 2016, Update, Till, Academy, Update to 01 11 2016 Baroda Academy Invent methods to ignite minds P a g e | 1 Index S N° Information page N° 1 Bank of Baroda Application for candidacy for deceased n° 352 D Revised March 2015 (To be used if the account has an appointment or if it is a joint account with 5 28.

If a partner is related to the existing employee of the Bank of Baroda: Name of the staff and name of the branch relationship 29. If a partner is a retired official of the Public Sector Bank:. . . .

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